Why I Stopped Wearing Bras

Feb 9 · 6 min read

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To be honest, I’ve never liked bras. When I was around nine years old and my breasts started to grow, my mom (and the rest of society) decided that I was becoming a “young lady” and that it was time that I started to wear a bra. Worst decision ever! I still remember my first white and very lacy bras because they were itchy as f**k! Then I unconsciously wore bras for years because, you know, I thought women simply wore bras. But around 3 or 4 years ago I just stopped and told myself “Wait a minute! Why do you even wear something that feels so uncomfortable and that you dislike so much? I don’t think your boobs are going to fall down to the floor if you stop using them.” Absolutely true. So I thought about it, did some research and I decided to go braless, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! So here is a quick breakdown of a few reasons why I stopped wearing bras.

The history behind bras.

As a good friend of mine would say, let’s go to the facts first! And the reality is that the expensive little bras you get from the lingerie stores have a very long history. Women have not always used bras, but during some periods of history they used other things like bands of fabric in order to hide or support their breasts depending on their daily activities. When the first form of bra (the corset) was invented, it was created as a norm based on the status of women in society and from there it evolved into other types of brassieres and bras. What I want to emphasize on here is the fact that the bra evolved according to society’s views on the female body and status, and that has always determined how much/what parts of a woman’s body can be seen, what should stay hidden, what standard shapes are socially acceptable, etc. In other words, society was not minding its own business and the bra was invented to accommodate the female body to these social views. That hasn’t changed much, has it?

What science has to say.

When I decided to go braless, I did some research in order to get a better idea of the impact such decision could have on my body. I came across one scientific experiment in particular that was performed on a group of women who would go braless for a certain period of time and the shifting of their nipples and the appearance of their breasts were evaluated during that period to see if there would be improvements from not wearing a bra. The results of this experiment showed that the appearance and health of the breasts actually improved for women who did not wear a bra. Obviously this does not apply to all cases since the study was done on a specific group of women and there have not been many studies on the topic. But we also know there are still conservative opinions about the use of a bra that are mostly based on limited social views. And I am proud to say I am not a conservative person and in the years I have not used a bra my boobs have felt better than ever.

Boobs are natural stuff.

You people better start getting over it because boobs are 100% natural (well, I guess there might be a few exceptions to that rule.) Let’s say you do not know about the scientific researches on the use of the bra, so we’re going to try to think about it logically: boobs are natural, bras were invented. This means boobs do not need bras to function properly. Bras were invented for specific purposes as we saw above and they can indeed be useful and cute in specific cases as we’re going to see later. But as for any other muscle, if you don’t give those breasts some adversity and work to do, they will just lay there and will not be able to do their thing. What I mean is that the myth that we still believe about bras being needed in order to support the chest is just that, a myth. Although for specific women, depending on the size of their breasts, wearing a bra might be more comfortable, and in that case it’s totally OK to wear one if you want to.

Welcome to the world of comfort!

Let’s be real: bras are one of the most uncomfortable things on the planet! Especially if it’s a hot day and all your clothes, including your bra, start to get very sticky to your skin. Personally, I have a very reactive skin so there are a lot of fabrics I cannot use. When I used to use bras, it was always a nightmare; they are sometimes made of strange material and weird straps that are supposed to make them look sexier and in reality only make them more uncomfortable; they have itchy elastic straps and they just have this particular way of imprisoning your boobs and keeping them from moving naturally. They are just not fun to me. Since I stopped wearing a bra, I’ve learned to appreciate the natural movements of my breasts during my daily activities, and after a while it becomes so normal that you don’t even pay attention to it. You also start enjoying the caress of certain fabrics on your skin.

I save a lot of money.

Come on, girls! There’s no other way to put it: bras are ridiculously expensive. And it’s like the less fabric they use to make them “sexier”, the more expensive they are. They make them look so good aesthetically that you literally feel the need to buy them compulsively, even though you still have a several of them at home that are still in good shape. And I’m pretty sure that many times we buy and just keep them in the drawers because most of the time they look good but are not comfortable, and they do not match well with the clothes that we wear for our daily activities. So why spend so much money on something that does not even have a real purpose? I’d rather invest in more good books.

I feel way sexier.

And no, I’m not talking about the scenario where all eyes are fixed on my nipples (nipples are a natural thing, OK?) because it’s not about drawing men’s (or women’s) attention to my body (I could not care less.) At first, it may feel uncomfortable because you are used to the support of a bra, but the kind of confidence you develop when you have fully embraced that part of your body and no longer care about what society thinks you should or should not do is unique!

In some specific cases I will use a bra; if I am going to do intense cardio workout, I usually start without a bra, and if it feels really uncomfortable I will put a sports bra on, but most of the time (all the time probably) after a few minutes I don’t even pay attention to the natural movements of my breasts, and if you work out regularly, you get used to it very quickly; or if I’m doing a low-impact activity like pole dancing where I cannot go braless but I cannot use a regular top either because the skin is needed for support on the pole, I’ll go for a low-impact sports bra or a bralette.

I also understand I have regular-sized breasts in comparison to other women who would experience discomfort or even pain if they do not use a support and in these cases I think bras are useful and can help women feel more comfortable. So bras should not be banished completely, but we could limit their use; don’t go to bed with your bra on or if you are going to be home all day, just don’t wear one. Your breasts will only be grateful, I promise.

So free the nipples, ladies! Or don’t…Seriously using or not using a bra is a personal decision. Regardless of your choice, just do you and make sure you’re always feeling comfortable.

Tamara Isaac

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