Open and Humble

I’m in a position of surrender and vulnerability.

I seek forgiveness in all that I’ve tried to control that is beyond my control.

I release jealously that was born out of fear of loss and fear of uncertainty.

I release expectations of others.

I am only able to expect and manage the best within myself.

I love passionately and I am loyal with honesty and care.

I analyze naturally for the best for myself and others.

I release worry of things not working out.

I’m not immune to pain nor will I assume a posture of negativity to prevent the lessons housed within it.

I apply courage and faith daily.

I’m imperfect and accept it fully.

I will live until my days are no more.

I express gratitude for the ability to release the thoughts within my mind and heart.

Prayerfully, I set the intention to walk the path without the intention of harm, but to love as I am loved humbly.