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Today is a big day for Virgo as our BEP20 Token is now available! Starting today, you will now be able to hold VGO through the Binance Smart Chain. This operation aims to distribute our crypto (VGO) to users before the launch of the mainnet, scheduled for the end of the year. The total token supply, representing the mainnet’s initial supply, will be 30 032 000 units. Out of these, 3,003,200 VGOs will be freely distributed to the community through various means, like Twitter contests or our upcoming Reward Center!

What is the Reward Center? A little explanation! It’s a…

The crypto market is too complicated. Hundreds of projects taking advantage of this technology suffer from a great lack of visibility due to this complexity. Newbies are lost between many different technologies and teams, causing them to miss out on breakthrough applications. Developers who have ever brighter ideas are therefore limited about the publication of their applications.

Where to publish them to get the most visibility? How to facilitate the user’s journey to applications?

To solve the aforementioned issues, Virgo wants to create the first decentralized application development and distribution platform, which will allow developers to easily build and publish…


Your future decentralized application platform.

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