Shit hit the fan again.

Drama drama drama.

I’m sick of drama. I can’t handle one more night of crying. I don’t want to live in between my family and my husband.

Long story.

I think I have to put my foot down, rent a place to live and move out. My marriage is almost ending and I allow them to interfere. They pressure me, they drink and then they poke my wounds. She pokes my wounds.

Mom had a fit today because he didn’t call her to say Happy Birthday. I told him it was important for her.

He chose to ignore it. Consequence: Mom had a lot to drink and finally blurted out that she doesn’t tolerate such lack of respect.

“Não custa nada passar a mão no telefone e ligar”.

Ele errou quando ele veio aqui.

Eles erraram ao interferirem no meu relationship com ele.

Eles ligaram para ele e pediram desculpas. Ele assumiu o erro dele também.

Ele não quer agregar. Ele não entende que somos uma familia apegada. Se é certo ou errado, não sei. Mas não vou deixar homem nenhum me colocar na parede e me fazer escolher entre meus pais e meu casamento.

This is bullshit.

He’s not trying.

They don’t let me go.

I’m sick of trying.

I have to do something about it.

I should say “FUCK YOU!” to all this bullshit, focus and build my character, values and get to know myself.

I can perfectly well live without a partner/ family.

It would be nice, to have a partner. One who shares the same values (similar, at least). One who doesn’t want to save me. One who believes in me. One who admires me. One who respects my parents. One who, when invited to spend the weekend at the inlaws shows his face and appreciates the “carinho” and love they are offering him.

They are pressuring me to get out of this relationship.

He disrespected my parents home.

They disrespected my capacity of taking care of myself.

He ignored my plea.

He was right. He doesn’t pretend things are fine.

Things are not fine. What did she expect from his call anyway?

I’m done.

I need them to stop trying to live my life for me.

He lives in “today”. He is no bullshit. He doesn’t believe in formality.

I need to break this stupid umbilical chord.

I need to be less sensitive.

I need to believe more in myself.

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