Brotherhood In Mentor-ship

Having a mentor is like a key-book for solving questions. In real life mentors can be your teachers, friends, relatives and may be your neighbors. They can make you good in different aspects of life, It can be study, sports or may be your professional life.

My big brother is one of my life-mentor. It is same as your life-partner because they help you in something and at the same time they aware you from different happenings in your life either it can be positive for your or negative.

He uses to guide me in everything like studies, sports and every time when I need motivation. But ones we had a clash that he was saying to me to do something good to be a religious person and I said to him, he should start first if he want to guide me. But I was wrong because he just wanted to improve me. After that I never argued with him and now I use to listen him carefully so that I can improve my self.

People are not complete but if they want to make you complete then you are a lucky person.