Knowing Myself Better !!!!

It is including in our nature that we rarely judge ourselves at different stages of our life.But somehow when you are alone in a dark room or watching a motivational speech, movie or even a song you might be stopped for a while and thought that am i correct in my daily life ? am i driving my life carefully ? or am i good to other people ?

Yes ! you will definitely come to a point that you somehow think yeah there should be some check and balance in your life and some day you will also be able to know yourself better by judging you by yourself or by some other people like your friends, classmates, family, mentors and colleagues.

So, I have done the same.I just text every single person i know for just a feedback that what they actually think about myself ? Truly speaking they just make me happy and little amaze when they sent me a feedback I just have given them a day and a half to tell me my strengths so i can improve them by taking some suitable steps with their help.


Decision Maker i surprized to know that the decision i have been making since i met my university fellows was far better than i thought, for me and themselves.

Honest In their feedback they told me i am honest for three of them so, i used it as a strenght for me.

Motivational some of my office colleague told me i was motivational for them at the time when they were degraded by our bosses or something stubbern.

An Advisor In my best friend’s eye i am a good advisor, helping and caring for him so i am taking it seriously in the future to never let him down.

Cooperative i use to be a cooperative person when doing a small project or class work in many of my classmates so, i think it is a good point according to them.

As i have done a small survey or feedback from my friends so, i can say anyone who think about his career or goals to achieve can do it for knowing their strenghts and polish them further in thier lives.