A letter to my sister, from your brother.

This is a compilation of conversations I’ve had with multiple individuals.

To you,

I remember those sacred, quiet moments when you confided in me. You told me you were not sure of your worth — time, love, consideration. You told me you did not feel beautiful.

And in those moments, I told you, as a friend, and as your brother, that you have been a blessing, from the beginning, and that your value as a human being is completely unrelated to your temporary, fleeting, insignificant, outward appearance.

I do not face the same societal pressures, and you have endured them, seemingly, alone, for a long time.

But, I have realized part of my life’s purpose is to be here with you, in this moment, and to remind you that you are not alone.

Regardless of your ideology, spirituality, or religious faith, you are a companion of the Divine Consciousness, The One, Great Mother, Allah, Heru, Brahma, OM, Shiva, The Great Spirit, The Eternal Source, Yahweh, God, and to yourself; and, She walks with you in every moment, of every second, in every minute, of every hour, of every day.

You cannot escape the divinity, within you, and with which you were born.

You are never alone.

Your every-cocoa skin, non-descript nose, chocolate cheeks, and piercing eyes do not and cannot convey the holy magnificence that lies below your surface. The pressure to be a certain shape, with a certain thickness, and a certain look comes from men who have muted their conscience for the sake of money.

They are shouting “ugly!” to your face and at your body, while extending their hand with the solution — their makeup products, hair paradigms, gym memberships, and clothing lines.

And, they tell you that with this remedy, even you can fix your “basic” look.

This corporate culture will erode your self worth, and end your self esteem.

This is what we were born into. But, you are not to be pitied. You are strong. You are you, and of you, there is only one. As your equal, I wish to remind you of it.

I remember those sacred, quiet moments when you confided in me. You told me you were not sure of your worth.

And, yet, I stand before you, basking in beauty of your spirit and the glory of your presence. I honor you.

To you, the beautiful.

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