I was thirty-four years then with a perfectly functional body, a blessing which every individual desires but very few realize the true worth of it. A constant conscious effort is required on our part to care for and maintain this wonderful gift given to us. Though our health and fitness ideally should be given prime importance, most of the time they never top as a priority on our “To-Do list”. Most of the time we take our health for granted and its only at a later date that we face its dire consequences.

Overuse of my knees,failing to tone and strengthen my muscles post pregnancy,lack of adequate dietary supplements, an improper gait of walking,obesity and last but not the least an anxious nature — All these factors in combination have paved the way for Chondro(Chondromalacia patella) in my life. Internally the degeneration of the cartilage behind my patella (knee-cap) must have been a gradual process but I felt its presence and its sudden impact one morning……

I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. It was early in the morning. My knees felt fatigued in spite of the seven hour rest. I attribute that to the excessive walking I had done the previous day. While working, all of a sudden, I felt as if my knee was unstable. There was a feeling of something shifting and again regaining its position. Previously also I had felt this instability before but I chose to conveniently ignore this, unaware of their potential repercussions later. I would like to compare this feeling like an elastic band that was stretched to the maximum and then it just snapped off. The next moment I felt my knee buckling up, like a locked feeling. It was neither an accident nor a fall or a sports injury. It was just the precise moment of Chondro surfacing and making his presence felt. No one in my family or close friends had met Chondros before so I really did not know the preliminary symptoms preceding his arrival.

His actual identification took place at the MRI Center. After having taken nearly five MRI’s in a span of eleven years I can now handle this process in a more calm and composed manner but my first experience was different…..I clearly remember that when I stepped into the room, it was so cold and chilling but that chill was nothing as compared to the chill I felt within me…A fear of the unknown…My lower body was made to slide into the machine but thankfully my head was outside and that prevented me from feeling claustrophobic. The sight and sound of the machines was intimidating back then. As I was instructed to remain still I closed my eyes and just prayed to God to set things right for me. It was a thirty minute ordeal for me, the report and scans of which named my “Chondro”.

In retrospect, when I think and ponder over my life events shared with Chondro, a few questions invariably arise in my mind…..

Why do Chondros come in our life?

Can their onset be delayed?

What should we do to keep Chondros from manifesting themselves in our lives?

Why go through the stress of dealing with them when with a little consistent effort they can be effectively kept at bay?

An invaluable life-lesson I learnt that day:“PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” We have all grown up learning this simple proverb since our childhood. What is important is how we implement it practically in real life situations.

Let us create an environment within us where trespassers like “Chondros” fail to thrive and are strictly PROHIBITED.