I self-created some illusions. They persisted for a long time without me even realizing that they were mere illusions. I held on to them but they held me back. I was surrounded by this bubble of illusions. All I needed was a tiny prick of understanding to break this bubble and transcend to the path of recovery.

Since the time I developed Chondromalacia Patella of my knee, there is one intangible thing which I received in abundance — ADVICE! Everyone is only too eager to share their experiences and offer their much valued tips to cure my knee condition. I received loads of information on the alternative therapies for my Chondro, the varieties of hot packs I could apply, the different knee supports available in the market, the ideal exercises for the same and even the best astrologers who could relieve me of my predicament!I remember an incident when a complete stranger after seeing me limping, came forward and shared the recipe of a herbal oil which on external application could magically cure me in just a weeks time. I genuinely appreciate the selfless guidance extended to me…..But….

This led to building up of one of my most significant illusions:

ILLUSION — I started relating my Chondro with case histories of friends, relatives, acquaintances and even strangers. Similarities in symptoms caused misconceptions.

REALITY — One should understand his/her medical condition, have faith in the doctor’s line of treatment. and instead of jumping from one mode of treatment to another or switching doctors, one must be patient to give ample time for recovery.

Initially my Chondro gained me a lot of attention, care and nurturing from my family, close friends and relatives alike. A time came when eventually everyone else stopped the pampering but I continued…..because over a period of time, I had got accustomed to overly protecting my knee.

ILLUSION — I need to take extra care of my knee and protect it from further damage. ( biggest obstacle in my recovery.)

REALITY — There is a very thin line of difference between just the adequate amount of care and excessive protection. One must be careful not to cross this line.

A regular exercise regimen is surely the best way to tide over Chondro. For quite some time I adhered to the following sequence. Pain due to Chondro — Exercise daily — Feel better — So stop exercising — back to square 1.

ILLUSION — Exercise only temporarily.

REALITY — Lifelong exercising is a must. There is absolutely no substitute to it.

My illusions encircled me making my recovery seem like a chimera to me. Experiencing the highs and lows with my Chondro and sound mentoring from my physiotherapist has enabled me to see through this mirage!!!

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