As John O Donohue has said, “A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.”

Have you seen a mother kiss her child on the forehead and then gently bless the child? This moment cannot be expressed in words nor can its depth be captured on the lens of a camera. This is a powerful connect….A beautiful feeling always to be cherished! Her blessings are unique and exclusive. It is that moment where she gives her energy, her positivity, her faith, her love and all that is good within her. EVERYTHING!! It is selfless giving — which only a mother is capable of…. It is with these blessings that a child blossoms. They shield him like an antidote to all adversities. The virtues and attributes of a mother empowers the child as she blesses…..

Let this Mother’s Day be one where in we all reflect and recollect some of those minuscule yet pleasurable moments we have spent with our dear moms. May this day deepen the already blessed bonds between a mother and her precious child!!!!!

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