ViRTù — CPS, Javelin Board and Validation

Here’s the initial Customer Problem Solution:

Starting from our Javelin Board we decided to interview experts who work with people with mental diseases (for instance psychologists, social workers etc).

Then, we wrote some standard questions:

  1. Which part do you think is the most difficult when organizing a trip with your patients?
  2. Could you tell me something about the last time that you organized a ‘get out of the building’ event?
  3. Do you think that there have been some difficulties during the trip/journey? Why? Which ones?
  4. Did you find a solution? Were you satisfied with the solution that you found?
  5. With hindsight, what would you improve if you could go back?
  6. Could you give me some advices?

The questions were flexible, according to with whom we were talking. (For example: to the psychologists we did not ask about personal experience during trips, but we asked if people with mental diseases have problems when facing trips, what they can do to overcome the problems etc.)

We started our interviews and we interviewed the following people:

  • Giulia Zaupa (Neuropsicomotricista dell’età infantile)
  • Silvia Fabris (Psicologa)
  • Silvana Casaletti (Infermiera Professionale con Training Familiare Sistemica)
  • Annalaura Fioravanti (Educatrice in una comunità psichiatrica)
  • Raffaella Casamassima (Psicologa ed ex tirocinante presso una comunità psichiatrica)
  • S. (Educatore — coordinatore in una cooperativa sociale)
  • I. (Educatrice — Psicologa in un domicilio autonomo per ragazzi maggiorenni)
  • O. (Psicologo in un Centro di Salute Mentale)

After collecting all the information we prepared the video and we started thinking about a new experiment.

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