Live streaming speaks of online media streaming in real time with recording and broadcasting happening at the very same time. It is absolutely instantaneous and goes parallel to each other giving the viewers a true time experience. Live streaming nowadays is incurring a wide array of subjects all ranging from game streaming to social media streaming. Many social-media apps including Facebook has started their very own live streaming which promotes streaming between the users along with both paid and unpaid promotions and other events.

All and all, live streaming is becoming a hot subject today. People are getting directed towards liveliness of live platforms; let it be for streaming any video game or any daily soap for that matter. The concept behind live streaming which interests the most is the ability to interact with the streamer in real time along with many other perks which differs from platform to platform. No one is behind in the race of alluring the users with exciting opportunities to reward themselves. One such platform which has almost come out as a bliss is VIRTUAL ARENA which is going to be one of the world’s first decentralized blockchain based platform that will enable audience to witness real time speed and high-quality live video streaming. …

Streamers and Developers

If you are not familiar with streaming sights like Twitch, they are sites that allow people to stream live videos on the web. Anyone can sign up and start streaming just about anything they want. The largest category of this type of entertainment and possibly the largest audience in the world belongs to video game streamers. Games like DOTA 2 surpass 32 million viewers. Which makes them way more popular than Sunday night football at 20 million viewers

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Virtual Arena

In the past game developers have tried to incentivize and reward players for recommending their games but to my knowledge, these attempts have not worked very well. …

#IOST SEA Lead Lawrence with Xitij, Founder of Virtual Arena at the Bibox Summit Singapore! Virtual Arena is disrupting the traditional streaming industry and empowering viewers and content creators. It will be built on the $IOST hashtag#blockchain! Stay tuned for more exciting partnerships!


Virtual Arena

Decentralised Live Streaming Platform

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