Defining growth hacking
Rob Moffat

Nice article Rob. Someone asked me about growth hackers as a skill/person the other day, it was first time I really spent some time thinking about it.

The skill set/person has been around for decades, in the past it was that highly creative/idea person on the team, that often got shot down, or was wheeled out for the “brainstorm”, they often struggled to get above the white noise, unless they had a strong mentor/leader who knew what their value was and could empower them.

What I see now, the digital age, is with the ability to track more data points, to test and iterate fast this skill set/person has been enabled/empowered to show the real value in a team. And with a term now applied to the skill /person = growth hacker, they are getting the deserved attention and prioritization in start ups and nimble/forward executing large orgs.

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