6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Wordpress Development

A good portal must be technically sound and based on the best practices and trends to do well SEO wise. Learn the benefits of outsourcing Wordpress development.

Hire Wordpress Developers

Wordpress was rolled out in May 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. After the release of Wordpress 3.0, the software was downloaded a record 11 million times in a span of just 42 days. Some of the big names using Wordpress in their day-to-day businesses include Yahoo blog, eBay blog, Wall Street Journal and Sony.

In the present scenario, WordPress is considered as one of the most preferred CMS tool in the market. It has the largest community working on new disruptive and innovative solutions. Wordpress, being a multifaceted platform, involves a lot of technical expertise, which only companies with core businesses around them are likely to have.

If you are into e-commerce and a high-end and interactive portal is your key requirement, you may perhaps have a web designing team. However, you may still struggle with the technicalities of WordPress technical development. Also, you need to safeguard your site to keep up with the best practices and trends. At times, it can be a daunting task to follow everything in the WordPress community, especially if you’re not a part of it. Regular reiterations on design trends as well as delivering best-in-class user experiences are mammoth tasks on their own.

Why not just hire someone to handle the technical stuff for you — someone who is experienced in developing WordPress websites that will prove beneficial for your business?

Below, you have 6 benefits of outsourcing WordPress development:

Converting PSD to WordPress: This is basically giving a roadmap to the developer for start-to-finish work. You send all the relevant PSDs to the developer and get a completely operational website.

Installation and setting up of WordPress: This seems to be simple but the stacks keep on adding up if there is more than one site, which is dynamic in nature.
Customized development: The simple plugins that you may possess may not be able to help you handle the complex demands of your client. Conversely, an expert with adequate tools and expertise may fulfill such requirements with ease.
Securing WordPress sites: Right from database security to internal bug fixes, susceptibilities come to the fore on a regular basis. Having someone who has handled all this on the sites that were rolled out previously could be a good idea.

WordPress plug-in updates: In the dynamic domain, every now and then, new and updated versions of WordPress are released that can possibly break the plugins, which are installed on a site. Any WordPress plug-in update needs to be taken care of properly and this is where professional assistance proves to be very useful.

Support system for WordPress issues: There should be a support system available for WordPress issues. It is always good to have someone to answer your clients’ queries in a 24X7 environment across multiple time-zones.

Previous assignments, ratings, credibility etc. are a few things that need to be verified for finding a developer agency of the highest possible quality. Open to communication, willingness to adapt, change in project priorities & roll-out, quick turn-around times and more are a few of the attributes you need to look for prior to going ahead with an agency. Lack of communication can ruin your reputation; miss your deadlines and in the worst case scenario, lose your client. You should always remember that your website reflects your brand online; so, the quality of the work that your team does will leave a good impression on the visitors who come to your site.