SIP Tunking a winner for new age Telco

Today SIP Trunks do 100 times more and better than traditional PSTN, PRI lines its because of the cost cutting, simplicity, eaze of use, quality, better connectivity, consolidation of communication etc.

Because today in many nation the necessary Internet is still supplied by Telcos. The word ‘SIP Tunking’ is still not reached as its expected due to hypocritical and overprotective business model of these traditional Telcos.

Due to this, while the number of small and large scale business adopting SIP trunk service has risen, its not been able to stand equal to the traditional service. In a recent regional survey of those using a major unified communication vendor, more than 80% of the users represented said their organizations still used traditional (PSTN/ISDN/ PRI) lines, having transitioned only partially to VoIP.

The reality is that making the switch to a 100% SIP trunking-based telecommunications service of VirtualGlobalPhone can dramatically enhance voice-call quality. As the call stays as a VoIP call end-to-end, there is only one packet process. This can reduce latency by up to 60% versus a call with ISDN trunks on both ends and the carrier also using VoIP/SIP. It’s clear, therefore, that one key way of improving overall voice quality is to move to SIP 100%, in one complete transition.

Choosing the right SIP vendor is a critical part of that decision. Our conclusion is: choose wisely!

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