The Statistics

I wanted to do a post at the start of the journey that sums up where I am at day 1, the base of what success will be tracked against.

Im usually terrible with tracking numbers so this is very important.

I will write a deeper post about motivations, reasons and the why of what I am doing but I know this is a tougher post than I usually do as not only am I giving statistics I am including my starting photo’s

If I want to be held accountable, and hold myself accountable this is important.

In many years I don’t think my body has seen the sun all that much, but that is why I need to make a change!

On the day of starting I managed to be exactly at 97.5 KG in weight which was my initial thinking of a starting point. Along with this statistic, I have a body fat % of 22.3% and in 3 months would love to hit the 16% range rahhh!

You have to have big goals right! (or small ones)

To give you some perspective at the start of the year I weighed 113 KG (touched it) after coming back from a holiday in Hawaii.

I was not proud of that number but wanted to give you some perspective on the drive I have had to get to where I am. But I know the next 9 KG will be the hardest.

I hope you come along for the ride on this journey and it inspires you to make some changes that will effect your life for the better.

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