Flynn Parker — Safe Hands

We reckon Flynn can handle it.

There was never much doubt about what Flynn Parker would end up doing.

“When I was little I always liked building things — building with Lego, making a cubby house with my dad. I was one of the handier guys among my mates. I skated as a kid, and I was always helping build kicker ramps and half pipes.”
The skateboard ramp Flynn built.

For Flynn, it was a natural progression from constructive kid to professional carpenter.

“I got into carpentry through my dad. He’s a fencer now, working up the coast, but when I was a kid he was a carpenter here in Sydney, and I used to help out with him. That’s how I got the interest in it.”

Flynn was just 17 when he began his started his career.

“Carpentry was always what I wanted to do, so I finished school in Year 10 and did my apprenticeship. I started at a young age, so I was 20 when I finished that in 2013. Since then, I’ve been a chippy.”

While Flynn’s career was always certain, where he would end up swinging his hammer was not so clear.

“I grew up living in Sydney. I loved it down here as a young fella, playing heaps of sport, rugby league, surfing and skating. But we used to go up to Ballina and Byron Bay every year on holidays, and every time I was up there with my cousins I wanted to move there. Then, when I was 15, my mum made the call and we went north. I never really looked back.”

It was on the North Coast that Flynn began his carpentry career.

“I was halfway through Year 9 when we moved, and then when I was up there I completed Year 10 and then started my apprenticeship after that.”

Apprenticeship complete, Flynn made the move back down to Sydney, where he’d eventually become part of the team at Virtue Projects. It’s obviously a move he is glad to have made.

“The best thing for me about working with Virtue Projects is getting to work with the whole crew. It is such a different feel to any other job I have ever had. With other builders, it is sort of like you are just work mates only. But with Virtue Projects, these are my mates. We all just get along so well, we hang out on the weekends and get along as actual friends rather than just work buddies.”
“It’s great having bosses that I look up to as well, that are nice guys, and help us out. I love problem solving, and I love the responsibility that I’m given by the boys on the job site, having to think for myself and sort things out.”

As far as being on the tools, it is renovations that Flynn particularly enjoys.

“I don’t mind doing the commercial work, but residential stuff is always nicer, I think, because you see more of a finished job. You can see your progression, you are always thinking ahead, and at the end of the day you get to see what you have built. You get to look around and say: we just built this whole thing, and that is what I like about carpentry”

While he may have only been a tradie for three years, Flynn has plenty of experience, and a level of maturity and reliability beyond his years. And while still only 23, he is already thinking of the next steps in his career.

“I really want to do my builders’ license. I am going to look into starting it in 2017, get it out of the way at a young age before I have more responsibilities than I already do. It know that it is hard work, but it is definitely something that I want to do, because I will have it forever.”

Not that it’s all work and no play for Flynn.

“It is a big change from Byron, down here in the big smoke. But moving back down here, it was really nice reconnecting with my old friends from high school as well as family that still live here. Now that I am living here, it’s been awesome — skating, hanging out with my mates, a bit of partying. I’m definitely not going to pretend like I don’t like that!”
Flynn and his girl.
“I got a dog this year, too, a little Staffy named Cali, so my afternoons are taken up with her at the moment. She is two, and is a ball of energy. It’s a massive responsibility.”

We reckon Flynn can handle it.

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