10 things I learnt in kitchen

Cooking everyday for AB and self was the biggest task I was put to when I got married. Even bigger was to create recipes that both of us like as we had 'taste' differences too. AB’s mom is an awesome cook but gives that ‘Malayalee’ touch to every thing she cooks which is quite natural and though as much as I like it, I somehow can not eat it all the time and crave for my style of food at times. Btw, by 'Malayalee' I meant 'coconut' touch to everything😋😋. But it’s fabulous and how much ever I may try, I haven’t been able to pull even a simple chutney as delish as hers till date!

Frankly, jotting down mere 10 things that I learnt in kitchen has been a task with a baby moving around all the time apart from really stressing myself to do some thinking :-)

Sharing 10 things below about me and the ‘Kitchen’. These are not necessarily the 10 things I learnt, rather they are more about me and the Kitchen!

  1. I cannot make perfect puffy rotis if the dough is kneaded by someone else. And I always wonder how some people can just make amazing rotis with any kind of dough kneaded by anyone! And as much as I love garam-garam ghee rotis, I still hate kneading.
  2. Baking is an art and though it looks easy in recipes and those Google videos, I’m yet to figure even the basics. Tried and failed many times and sort of given up! Last one was a simple choco-walnut cake, remaining ingredients still lying waiting for me to use them. Need to learn😎
  3. I have learnt that there’s always a substitute for ingredients in any recipe and everything that u may choose to add (or not add) leads to a different taste. Like, looking at those chicken recipes and thinking in my mind to replace that with paneer/potatoes.
  4. My biggest learning was to understand how the same tomato- onion combo for curries can be used differently to give different texture, look and taste to a recipe.
  5. Another funny thing about me is that I always stick to my simple knife and peeler and though I did buy a variety of them in those early days of marriage, most of them are only lying in one stand in the corner and are hardly used.
  6. I love making varieties of eggs for AB but have never tasted them ever. Love seeing egg turning into that fluffy thing. Yes, I did learn a variety of egg recipes for AB only for this little joy.
  7. I have a problem with storing small in a big utensil or filling up a vessel till almost overflowing top! Store in the right bowl and use the right pan has been the rule in my kitchen!
  8. I hate when anyone uses the boxes/jars in my kitchen with the same unwashed hands while cooking — which now the cook does everyday. I hate finding a new lid being opened by her with turmeric or some Masala marks on it.
  9. Hate wasting. But off years I have learned that how much ever i may try, there’s always some food wasted — can be very little but some amount is always wasted. Now I try to give it out if I have left over or put it for birds etc.
  10. I can not work in a messed up kitchen. I just can not. So I first clean and then work. Would u believe me if I tell you that even the used dishes in the kitchen sink are to be kept properly ? Yes!

Though I have been counting 10 from the time I started, I now feel there are so many more that I could write now. Maybe some other time though. The little squishy here is now tossing in the bed and may get up anytime. So I better grab a cuppa my ginger chai before that happens.

*Written as an entry to #wearerealmoms challenge hosted by @beingmammabear.