The Year that went by.

When I thought of penning down my thoughts about the year that went by, and sat down to think over it, I had my eyes welled up. Ask me why? Blame my emotional self. I cry over say — sort of everything. Even the happy ones. The last happy moment when I got a really expensive gift by someone close, I went so blank and later cried. I was so overwhelmed. Yes, I am that sort of person and I’m happy being so. Not many have that capacity to hold emotions, more importantly feel them and display them. There are only a few gifted ones.

Thought the year ended at a good note, I know how bad it was in so many ways. But then I know for all those things/events that I am labeling the year as a bad one, it could also have been worse. And so let me not evaluate it. Yes, it was bad but then there were so many things that I am grateful for too.

I learned my lessons hard way. Lessons of life. Just to name a few things for my own sake :

  • I had to let go. Let go a number of things. Life is uncertain. Its tough to let go but sometimes you can not help much.
  • You can not trust anyone. Call me whatever, but you just can not trust anyone. That includes you too. In life, anyone can ditch you anytime and in any shittiest way that you can/cannot imagine.
  • Not Overthink. I have thought too much about people, their emotions and blah blah..Trust me, it doesn't matter. Nobody really cares. So choose your closed ones carefully and chuck out all others unless they bring some sort of positivism in life.
You are you and thats just enough. After becoming a mom, I now know this beautiful line and its meaning. Think over it.
  • Be grateful for everything in life. Because not everybody has that privilege to have/ experience everything.
  • Time heals everything. Yes, but the scars remain, forever.
  • Love is beautiful but there is another side to it too which is not so rosy.
  • Do not expect. Nothing is free in life.

Aaah, too many mean ones I wrote there. But maybe that is how my year was.