Don’t be too downcast when you fall into sin

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Why Are We so Sinful?

Why are things like this? For sins committed with the intention of gaining an advantage for yourself, for example, some might say it’s human nature to be looking out for our own self-interests, combined with how our modern society shapes us to act. Some others might say it’s our sinful nature and inclination towards sin as humans, resulting from original sin. Still others might say it’s merely weakness on the sinner’s part (and I don’t agree with that view, personally).

Do not Be Discouraged, Do not Be too Downcast about Your Sins

I’ve already sinned during this Lenten season, with a sin that I’ve been trying to avoid. I felt extra bad about it because it’s Lent, the season when I’m supposed to be confessing and repenting my sins and doing penance for them. It’s not the season for adding more sins to the list! As usual I turned to Jesus Christ, confessing the same sin for the billionth time, asking for forgiveness for it for the billionth time. “I just feel like I’m going nowhere,” I thought. I felt like I must be pathetic under heaven’s gaze.

A Rough Guide to Repentance

As you may have noticed from the 1 John chapter 1 passage quoted above, confession is the first step to true repentance. What does the first step of a twelve-step program say? Something along the lines of, “The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one?”

Have You Repented? Answer True or False

To put it as simply as I can, I would describe the difference between true and false repentance as “being sorry” vs. “being sorry that you got caught.” Someone who’s truly repentant won’t just be sorry for any hurt or damage they may have caused by their sin — they will also be remorseful they did it in the first place, not because of any consequences they may have to face, but because they are remorseful of the act itself.

Have the Right Attitude Towards Sin

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The fact that we are promised forgiveness is not an excuse for sinning or for not trying. We must try to resist temptation, we must try to overcome sin, and we must try to reform our lives.

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