Four Fourth of July Looks at Four Popular Celebrations.

The Fourth of July marks the day in 1776 when the thirteen colonies claimed their independence. We celebrate this historic occasion with all things American- barbeque, fireworks, the beach, and the old red white and blue. As for any holiday, there are many ways that we like to celebrate, and all of these different celebrations call for different looks to beat the summer heat and stay looking patriotic, stylish and fresh all day.

We are here to share with you some of our favorite hair, makeup, and nail looks for the most popular July Fourth celebrations and hopefully make getting ready and looking fabulous a little easier, no matter how you are celebrating!

The Backyard Barbeque

Grilling, swimming, small talk with neighbors- the neighborhood barbeque has all the essentials of an American town on the 4th of July. One look we love for the occasion are these big, southern curls. They are fun and carefree and even as they fall out a little from the heat, they will still leave you with a beautiful beach wave that is perfect for summertime.

At this barbeque, you will likely be clutching a burger, a hot dog, or a cool beverage at some point. As this happens, you’re going to want to be simultaneously showing off your fresh manicure to all those neighbors you have fooled into thinking you have everything together. A classic and beautiful option here is the ever elegant red polish manicure. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can add a white or blue accent nail on your hand as well!

The Beach Day

The beach is a messy place, let’s be honest. Salty skin, sandy hair, and sweat, lots of sweat. That’s why the best hairstyle one can choose is a braid. This summer mix it up with a fishtail braid paired with a large brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face and shoulders! The fishtail braid will keep your hair from getting tangled while you frolic in the sun and waves while this navy and white beach hat will be the perfect accent for the holiday and keep you from turning into a lobster!

The City

The city is bustling in the hot summer months. You’ll likely be walking a lot and will naturally obtain that popular “dewy” look throughout the day. To stay looking fresh during the Fourth of July you will want to keep your hair up and out of the way!

A great way to do this is to flip the script and wear your bun above a braid. The look has all the ease and comfort of hair in a bun, with the sass and summer edge of the unexpected back braid. And with this look, you can always make it as messy and casual as you please by rustling the hair in your braid and in your bun.

This bun and braid duo will pair chicly with a classic red lip and simple eye makeup. You can avoid creasing eyeshadow worries throughout the day by keeping eye makeup light and keeping the focus on your bright, Fourth of July lips!

The Firework Show

The firework show is a staple in any Fourth of July celebration. Whether you will be viewing the colorful explosions over the East River or lighting off a few sparklers and roman candles in the driveway (please be careful), the event cannot be missed, and neither can the opportunity to show off a patriotic look. We adore this blue and white marble manicure for just this occasion. The great thing about this design is that it is just fitting enough to be a tribute to July Fourth, but in the following weeks just consider it a water world on your nails as a salute to summer time!

Fireworks are sparkling, bright and beautiful, so you should have the makeup to match! Try out a shimmering silver and gold shadow with a touch of liner and thick mascara to match the drama and glamour of the fireworks. You will be sure to be the true star of the show with this look.

The Fourth of July is a staple mid-summer holiday that can be fun and exciting to celebrate in any number of ways. With these hair, makeup, and nail ideas in mind hopefully you will have an easier time creating your perfect look for the holiday.

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