Got a Vacation Destination in Mind? We’ve Got Your Beauty Bag Packed!

Beat the Heat

Vacation Destination: Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Bora Bora

Grab a pina colada and relax on the beach in your waterproof and lightweight makeup look! Traveling to a tropical island calls for a cute bikini and a fresh face to go along with it. The most important thing to remember when sitting in the sun for a long period of time is always remember to wear SPF. Since tropical islands usually entail nice beaches around, waterproof mascara is a must. And when taking pictures with the beautiful clear water and palm trees, a bold lip is the perfect finishing touch to your instagram worthy photo. This makeup look will be the finishing touch to your new tan.

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Hydrated and Refreshed

Vacation Destination: Vermont, Alaska, Denver

If going somewhere cold is more what you prefer, then a ski vacation is perfect. While the view from the ski lift is breathtaking, the cold air is often very drying for the skin. Applying moisturizer day and night will ensure your skin is hydrated. Since you definitely won’t be getting a tan this vacation, wearing a warm toned bronzer and a rosy pink blush will definitely give color to your face and give you that healthy glow. Also, spritzing your face with a dewy skin mist will hydrate your skin and make your makeup look seamless and refreshed. These products will hydrate your skin and prevent it from becoming too dry.

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Moisturizer: Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm Traveler

Full Glam

Vacation Destination: Paris, Italy, London

When visiting somewhere luxurious and beautiful such as the Eiffel Tower or The Leaning Tower of Pisa, you want to make sure your makeup is as stunning as the sights. Traveling to some of the most influential cities in the world means your makeup look has to be up to date with the latest beauty trends. The first step to creating a flawless makeup look is applying a full coverage foundation to hide all imperfections and give an airbrushed appearance. Since highlighting has been the new craze in the beauty world, applying highlighter on your cheekbones will give you that blinding look everyone is wearing. To finish off this glam look, wearing neutral eyeshadow in the day or a smokey eye at night will really tie your look all together.

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Light and Minimal

Vacation Destination: Disney World, Hiking

Going on a vacation where you will be active and outdoors is always fun but having your makeup stay on and still look good is a challenge. The goal with this makeup look is to have everything look very natural but stay on at the same time. Start by applying a primer; this will be the base for the rest of the makeup and ensures everything stays in place throughout the day. Since you will most likely be outside for a long period of time, wearing a BB cream which is lighter than a foundation is key. This will still cover imperfections by giving you a light coverage and won’t be as heavy as a typical foundation. Finishing the look off with a basic lip balm will give your lips SPF and add a hint of color. This makeup look is very minimal but still makes you look put together when being active on vacation.

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