How to Squeeze (Comfortably) Into Your Wedding Dress: A 10 Day Guide

T-minus 10 days until your big day! The day that everyone says you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s about love, family, friends, but mostly, the photographs that your great great grandchildren will look at. Everything is in order by now after months of planning, but after all those late nights working on minute details while snacking on Doritos and gummy bears, your dress is suddenly feeling a little more snug than it did at your last fitting.

You want to look and feel your best as you celebrate on your wedding day, so we have a 10 day plan to get you comfortably in your dream dress so you can look and feel like the beautiful bride you always dreamt you would!

Days 1 & 2- Cut out processed and salty foods

Will this be easy? Unless you already eat this way, probably not. Will it be effective? You bet! When you cut out the chips, ice cream, soda, and any other processed or salty foods there are a variety of benefits that set in within just a few days. You will get better sleep, reduce headaches, get clearer skin, have more energy, and reduce bloating- all things that are crucial and beneficial when leading up to your wedding!

Not to mention, with better sleep and more energy in the days leading up to the wedding you will have a better all around mood- making this is pleasant time for everyone!

Trade that bag of chips for carrots and hummus and your morning cereal for steel cut oats and enjoy the benefits- even if only for these 10 days.

Days 3 & 4- Drink green tea and tons of water

Now on to what you should be consuming.

Green tea has increasingly been shown to help aid in weight loss. It is suggested that the flavonoids and caffeine in the tea elevate your metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation, and improve insulin activity.

Woah there, what does any of that even mean? Well flavonoids are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Antioxidants help in defending your immune system while anti-inflammatory properties make weight loss easier.

Increased metabolism means more calories burned, increased fat oxidation means more stored fat from food will turn into useable energy for your body, and increased insulin activity means less fat will be stored!

3 Cups of green tea a day will keep the fat away leading up to the moment you say “I do!”

Now for good old H2O. Is there anything water doesn’t help with when it comes to health?

Water is a natural diuretic, which sounds unsavory, but just means that when you drink water, it flushes out your system in a natural way letting you get rid of excess water and sodium from the body. Drinking lots of water, 5–8 cups a day, will not only keep you hydrated and your skin glowing, it will also aid in the de-bloating you desire before your big day.

Day 5 & 6- Time to HIIT it

Quick, intense, cardio workouts, such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) will be the most effective thing you can do to see quick results in these final days.

Don’t waste time trying to get that six pack you’ve always wanted, now is the time to burn fat and calories as quick as possible. HIIT workouts combine shorter intense periods of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. This type of activity increases your heart rate, burning more fat in less time.

This is perfect in the final countdown of days since you likely won’t have the time for hours of working out. With mom in town by now there will be a lot going on so an accelerated morning workout will be just the solution you need.

Day 7 & 8- Meditate and de-stress

The day is almost here and you can almost taste the three-tiered chocolate ganache cake with raspberry filling (but not until the wedding of course!)

At this point you have cleaned up your diet and burned some extra calories, but now you need to check in mentally and focus your attention inward.

With marriage ranking #7 on the top ten most stressful life events list it is important to de-stress and find your calm. Not only will you feel more relaxed, centered, and in control during this hectic week, but less stress can also help reduce weight.

When you feel stressed, your body releases cortisol, a pesky hormone that causes higher insulin levels, dropping your blood sugar and making you crave those sugary, fatty foods you have sworn off.

Everyone has their preferred method of de-stressing, but meditation can be very effective at a busy time like this. Sitting comfortably, take even 10 minutes to be still and do nothing. Your thoughts will probably be buzzing, but try to quiet them and push everything out in order to bring calm and focus.

One trick that helps if meditation is new to you is to count your breaths in your head. Breathe in on the odd numbers and out on the even ones, and when you get to 10, start over at 1. This way you are focusing deeply on your breath and counting and not allowing other thoughts to disrupt you.

Day 9 & 10- The last resort- Shapewear

You have made it, congratulations! Two days out from your wedding, you should continue to follow all of the aforementioned steps, however, there is not too much to be done in the way of weight loss at this point.

This is the time when we turn to shapewear, my friends. It has been around for centuries, if you count the corset, but the technology has come a long way. There are now discrete, slimming undergarments you can wear that are very effective.

Shapewear can help eliminate a dreaded “muffin top” or bra lines, leaving you with a smooth, sleek shape in your gown.

Wedding Day!

The countdown is over and your wedding day is finally here! After following this simple 10 day guide you should be feeling a little slimmer and a lot more confident as you saunter down the aisle to meet the one you love.

Cherish the special, little moments and celebrate your love today and everyday!

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