Ways to Bring Your Beauty & Wellness Business Online

Your clients are looking for you. However, the way they look for you now is different from the way it was several years ago. Do you know if your business is being searched and found by those customers? Are you familiar with the way to bring your business online to attract more customers? We are here to help you do just that.

There is a client on his latest health kick and needs a new pair of sneakers for all the training he is going to do and stick to it this time around. A bridesmaid who has friend’s wedding in two weeks and needs a fresh haircut, but of course her hairstylist is out of town. Their first choice to find these professionals is, of course, online.

Today, if a business is not online, it is essentially invisible to those who do not already know about it. If someone in your city searches for “hair salons near me” and your salon does not pop up, you have just lost their business. This is why it is crucial to have a strong online presence today.

There are four main reasons your beauty business needs an online existence.

  1. You can reach beyond your current client base and outside your geographical boundaries.
  2. It is the modern word of mouth.
  3. Most online marketing tools are free, easy to use, and you can update them daily.
  4. Online platforms are highly visual which suits the beauty industry.

So where do you get started in building an online presence that is accessible to clients, representative of your business, and effective in gaining new clients.

The first step- get Googled

Registering on Google Maps is the first step in having an Internet persona. It is free to register and is crucial to becoming discoverable to future clients. Once your business is registered on Google Maps, that woman searching for a hair salon near her will be able to consider you when looking for a reputable stylist .

Google Maps is only the first step in the various service that Google provides for businesses to market and track their efforts online. Other services include Google Analytics and Adwords which allow you to create paid ads online and track their progress. To claim your business, you can follow the steps here in the Google My Business dashboard.

Social media savvy

The next step is social media. You probably already have at least one social media account for your business. Social media is impactful because millions of people worldwide already have active accounts that they check daily. So give them something to look at!

Social media allows your business to post free, daily content that lets your clients see the intricate nail art you do, the flawless wedding makeup you did for a glowing bride, and the chic pixie cut you nailed today.

Certain social media posts can encourage followers to interact with your content. This builds a relationship that cannot be attained through regular advertising and increases the chance of people commenting and tagging others in posts.

The main social media platforms that beauty businesses should utilize are Facebook, Instagram, and Virtzy. Each of these platforms has special niches that make them helpful.

Facebook is strong in making your business discoverable, disseminating information, and posting written content. Instagram is a good place for visual content such as pictures and short clips that display your work and customer results.

The third platform, Virtzy, is designed specifically for beauty and wellness professionals. With Virtzy you can build a virtual portfolio in a social media format. Additionally, it promotes and facilitates network building between professionals so the next time you need a contact, you know where to search!


YouTube is a great tool for the beauty and wellness industry to use because there are many interesting things that could be made into video content. For makeup artists and hair salons, tutorials are a great way to give followers entertaining and useful tips while showing people the work you do. For fitness professionals, try explaining the correct way to do a certain exercise or give a workout routine in a video to get people watching.

Any business can create a personal connection with followers by giving a tour of your business, doing a Q&A on common industry questions, or just having a behind the scenes video of your day to day operations.

YouTube allows you to be creative with your content and grow a following that is interested in your field. Additionally, videos are very shareable content, so if someone likes your video they can easily repost it on their own social media, gaining you more exposure.


Blogging is a relatively new way that businesses are able to reach new clients. Blogging is similar to YouTube, but a written format. Blogging allows businesses to share tips, insights, news, and just about anything else you want with readers. It is an outlet where you can share the story of your career or the history of your business and expose more personal content that clients will be interested to learn about.

Blogging is also very shareable, so if you have relevant and entertaining blog, readers will likely share it with others, gaining you free and organic exposure.

Join relevant online communities

This step varies from industry to industry, but connections are invaluable tools in any field. There are online communities for almost any group these days. Fitness professionals can check out Fitness Professional Online (FPO) for helpful resources. Makeup artists can check out Makeup Artists Meet. And hairdressers will feel welcome at BehindtheChair.com.

While each specialty will find various online communities they can benefit from, all professionals, from personal trainers to tattoo artists, hair stylists to skin care professionals will find an inclusive, visual, networking community on Virtzy.

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No matter where you begin, or how much time you commit to building an online presence for your business, it is important to start somewhere. The costs are almost nothing while the benefits are immeasurable.

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