Dialog IoT Developer Portal

Introduction IoT developer portal

The main objective of this portal is to facilitate a set tools for developers or absolute newbies to onboard, test and publish custom devices. The device vendors and SDK developers can directly interact with the system, by on-boarding their custom devices that provide specific user scenarios and actions. The enduser can use this portal to cater the internal device on-boarding requirements as well as facilitate the verticals like ‘developer engagement’.
Main areas that can be viewed under Developer Panel as mentioned below :>
  • Device Management
  • Device operations
  • Device SDKs
  • SCE
  • Reports
  • API Management
  • Advance Operations
  • My Profile

Signing up for a developer portal account

  • To Sign-up for an account go to the link provided below!

STEP 01:

  • After clicking on the link you will be directed to this page.

STEP 02:

  • Now fill in your details as required when signing up for an account and at last before you create your account make sure to accept the privacy policy and terms.

STEP 03:

  • Now you can proceed in creating your account.

STEP 04:

  • You are required to wait till the Tenant Administrator approve the created user details.