Understanding How You Can Apply for a Visa to Canada

Following the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tweet in support to welcome immigrants and refugees to the country, an outpouring of inquiries as to how to apply for a visa to Canada have sprung forth on social media.

The opportunities to live and work in the country are attractive to numerous people, especially from people who live in conflict driven areas.

Air Canada, the country’s premier airline, is one of the mediums used by tourists and immigrants to travel to and from Canada. (Pixabay©)

Planning your Visa Ahead

Apart from Canada’s gorgeous landscapes and rich cultural history, it also has some of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world.

Depending on whether one is merely visiting or is planning to study full time in Canadian universities, it is definitely worth it to look into country visa information to stay. Below are some of the most common visa types.

Student Visas

Canada has some of the most competitive and comprehensive educational systems in the world. With a grading system similar to that of the United Kingdom, the rigorous training that students go through have attracted both undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their degrees in Canada.

Student visas can be granted to individuals who have been accepted into Canadian schools and have gotten satisfactory scores on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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