The Tourist Visa Requirements for Malaysia

Malaysia is becoming a hub for tourists from all across the world. Its natural beauty or marvelous buildings or its striking culture admires all. Malaysia makes it a fantastic vacation spot. From the turquoise waters to the iconic structures, Malaysia becomes a delight for all kind of travelers. Not only this, but Malaysia has some of the world’s oldest tropical rain forests.

The country has an attractive side that includes fine dining options, museums and a range of shopping and entertainment avenues. Malaysia offers a lot to see, do, and explore that makes it one of the most sought after vacation destination in the world, especially for the newlywed couples. Since the past few years, more and more people are traveling to Malaysia. Travelers visiting Malaysia for tourism, vacations, relaxation or to meet family and friends need a Malaysian Tourist Visa. The country can be visited on Malaysia tourist visa for which one needs to follow a certain procedure. You can acquire the services of a visa consultant. With the help of this consultant, you can easily fill and submit the visa application form and get your visa.

What exactly is a Tourist Visa?

A Malaysia Tourist Visa is a document needed by you so that you can stay in the particular country for a specific period for the purpose of tourism. The document is stamped on your passport. There are various methods to acquire a visa, you can obtain it on arrival, or you can clear the formalities beforehand in your home country by visiting the particular embassy.

However, we at Visashopee, make it convenient for you. We take the responsibility and do all these activities for you in order to let you have a better experience. The visa is usually given for a specific period, but it can also be extended if necessary.

When one is applying for a tourist visa in Malaysia, there are certain documents and fees that are required. However, the specific documents and fees are subject to change anytime without any prior notice. Therefore, in order to avoid any sort of confusion, it is a good idea that the tourist enquires for the right information before flying off to Malaysia.

Documents Required Before Applying for a Visa

No matter what kind of visa one requires, there are certain documents that one always requires and they are:

1) A passport or travel document that has a validity of more than six months from the date of arrival in the particular country.

2) Passport size photographs taken on a white background.

3) Visa application form

4) Confirmed return ticket along with flight details.

5) Proof of financial means

In short, certain necessary documents are required to get eligible for acquiring a visa. However, these documents can be changed from time to time. Even though the whole process seems to be quite simple, one might be uncertain about some of the documents that are required. In case one has queries or does not have the time to complete the paperwork, then it is best to acquire the services of a visa consultant like us. We are extremely professional and extend full cooperation and assistance with all the visa formalities and requirements. We will help you with filling up the forms to ensure that all the documents are attached before you submit them at the Malaysia consulate.