On Hiring…
Punit Soni

Dear Punit Soni,

You recently spoke at IIM-Ranchi about the importance of following one’s passion.

That said, many questions arise as to how to find your passion. However, I’d like to know yours. Were you ever lost for elaborated periods of time as a youth. Or were you always focused? Were there times during your masters education where you felt you didn’t connect, or was it during your job before your MBA. Did you take life one step at a time to reach where you are, or did you have a long term goal always in mind?

I have come across many successful people saying that they followed their passion. However, I can’t fathom to think they woke up one day knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.

So many questions. Just to one end:- trying to understand the process of finding one’s passion. Your process of discovery will be a great one for you to write and us to read.


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