To talk about Life and motivate people through my writing has always been my dream but before conveying my thoughts to the world ,am I motivated enough (definitely not) probably this is the reason ,why I was not always ready about it but somewhere thought living my dreams is right time now

(“recognizing failure at earlier stage is always acceptable than later” software tester genes within me speaks this :p)

My Very first story “Real hero” begins here

A 16 year old handsome boy from state Karnataka came to Mumbai to achieve something in life, without any goals, no degree, and no connections. His very first aim was to earn for his existence but that too was difficult as there was no shelter nor much money in his pockets, struggled for several days, but never feared of anything as he had nothing to loose. So kept on struggling staying on footpaths to just have a wadda pav in meal but still never gave up though he had an option to return back to his land.

Finally his good days arrived found a tailoring job where he worked hard day and night without worrying about his future,without worrying was he on the right path or not ,just focused and definitely success had to touch his feet. Then returned his land after several years made his mother proud ,got married to beautiful lady and came back to Mumbai took a small beautiful one RK flat, lived happily ,Soon he was blessed with a baby girl and followed by two more kids but this is not where his struggle ended.

The real journey started where he even worked harder to educate his all three children ,to give more good life to his family .Days passed by with his hard work and soon he was been given one entire unit of his organization to handle, from one Rk to one BHK flat his family lived. By the age 45 he was content enough with his work and family.

But his life altered forever when his first daughter at the age of 21 passed away, he was broken shattered as they say father need billion times more than a girl needs a father but without any choice he remained strong for his rest of family members. As god test his strongest players more not even a year passed soon he receives a call informed about his second son’s accident. The pain is indescribable (3 months in comma, each day father fought for his son) but destiny wasn’t in his side and he soon suffered another loss of his child.

The pain he went through, the pain he goes through every day is just cannot be described in words…..he managed to shed his tears in silence But proud of my dad he still stays so strong for his little one.

Proud of my parents after all this they never complained and managed to get up and live life and they motivate me every single day

A short motivation story of my very own real hero, my dad……

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