Sometimes, a Whale Dies
Jonathan Foley

The write up was what you said it was ,Mr.Foley.Exciting ,beautiful and depressing at the same time.I could even get the stink which you had described,but above all salutes to you and the team to understand ,why whales die?

I write this from India,where there might be such necropsy taking place,but hav’nt yet read anything such as your article.It was very informative as well as sad to understand that some of the species are threatened by us humans( am not surprised here).

But if we can understand the reasons behind certain deaths,and know how to stop them,I feel we have achieved something.

I feel sad that ,much as I would like to be part of such teams working with a mission,Iam not able to be there.

well…Maybe some day I will get an opportunity to contribute to the well being of Mother earth and its occupants.

I wish you and your wife a great deal of success in your endeavours.Good luck, from a follower form India.

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