Planning to apply for EEA permanent residency?

Permanent Residency has always been the most sought thing for the migrants of the UK. A Certification of Permanent Residence is highly essential for every immigrant and even more desirable in the midst of today’s vagueness surrounding the position of the United Kingdom with regards to the European Union. Applying for the certification of Permanent Residency may appear extremely simple and complete straightforward process, which demands an individual have to live in the UK and exercised Treaty Rights, within an uninterrupted period of five years. However, many applicants are confronting various troubles in meeting the whole set of requirements and proving thy status as a permanent resident.

Residence: An individual or say potential applicant has to stay permanently in the UK at least for a period of five years. However there are certain limitations on the amount of time an individual can be out of the UK to qualify as its resident. An absence of six months or less, or at special situations of 12 months or less, will not intrude with residency. Any absence more than the specified period has to be explained with detailed evidences in the application.

Employment: The exercise of Treaty Rights can be a confusing phrase to an individual, however it is not only limited for employment alone, but at certain instances, employment is not considered as a sufficient reason to sanction permanent residence certificate due to the migrant worker registration necessities. The exercise of Treaty Rights includes, job seeking, working, being self-employed or self-sufficient or studying in the United Kingdom. There are various boundaries set to each and every aforementioned category, with each demanding considerable and unceasing proof.

Partner or Spouse: It can be considered only when the applicant is dependent on the citizenship rights of the EEA spouse or partner where the residency and employment criteria has to meet the EEA spouse or partner rights. Although the process of having a permanent residence certificate do have its own challenges, having this certificate on hand help an individual to enjoy all benefits.

Comprehensive Health Insurance: It is one of the major factors identified as a challenge in attaining permanent residence certificate. Comprehensive health insurance is purchased by those set of people who are asserting that they are self-sufficient as a student for a period of time. The requirement for Comprehensive Health Insurance is not cancelled by right to treatment under the NHS neither by the payment of national insurance contributions. This health insurance ought to be made for a required period (as either a self-sufficient individual or a student) and it should be from a UK provider who offers extensive cover. There are certain situations where the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will serve this purpose; nevertheless it solely depends on both the validity of the card set for certain period.

It is strongly recommended for the people who are thinking or planning to apply for a Certification of EEA Permanent Residency in UK or any of the European Nations, or who are planning consider the same in the future, maintain detailed records confirming to employment and residence in the United Kingdom.

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