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I think a couple of additional factors that will (hopefully) make this year’s Falcons team different from 2010 and 2012. Those previous teams did not have a tandem of RBs that could get to the second level on passing plays (unlike Michael Turner). Also, while the defense is not particularly good there are elements that have caused disruption to QBs. They tend to have spurts in games where they can generate pressures, sacks and turnovers (particularly with a lead). There are often times when the offense gets a multi-score lead and then dial back the aggressiveness to predictably follow with a series of running plays and try to drain the clock. This allows the opposing defense to stack the box and prevent 3rd down conversions. Subsequently, Atlanta’s defense has to play more reps late and give up points. I haven’t done the research, but I bet the scoring charts for opposing teams would be heavily weighted toward the 2nd half of games (I could be wrong, but it really feels like that’s why so many games are close)…

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