Doodh? More like dead.

If your born in india, milk is like water, you have to drink it. As an only child of the family who never liked milk, I have seen my parents and relatives shove glasses of milk every morning to all the little ones in the house. “You will become like Dhoni” my mom use to say. When she’s not looking, the milk goes down the drain and I run before she could realise. Milk is inevitable in India, its present in some form every where- sweets, coffee, tea, paneer, butter, ghee. Our primary intake everyday at least consist of one glass of milk in some form. So what is wrong with MILK? Well nothing, if you were drinking it before 1970 from your own cow that you milked with your own two hands. What does milk contain now? Is it even milk? We have never stopped to question anything that comes in a packet now and is priced just right.

Milk is classified into two types- A1 and A2 milk. To understand the classification we need to understand the history of bull breeds- Bos Tarus and Bos Indicus,this classification is primarly based on where the bulls came from and how well suited they appear to the specific climate. For example, Bos Indicus cattle’s were originated from South Asia, they are well suited for our climate and have humps and horns, these pure breed cows that belong in this classification genetically give a2 milk a.k.a the milk we should be drinking but we have the Bos Tarus cattle that originated from all over Europe and Australia, they are easily identified in India with the black and white spots and no hump, where they should not be since they are not suitable to our tropical climate and should be at Heidi’s farm in Switzerland. These cattle’s produce A1 milk a.k.a the milk we get everyday and should not be drinking since they are directly connected to being the cause of type 1 diabetes, Autism and Sudden infant death syndrome in children and many major psychological diseases in adults.

So why are we drinking A1 milk/poison while there is a company named A2 milk selling all over the world?

I travelled to madurai this year with three of my classmates to film a documentary on a famous Indian sport “JALLIKATTU” that was banned that year. Basics facts you have to know- Jallikattu is a age old sport, where the village breeds bulls to engage them in these sports. These sports are directly linked to the lineage of these bulls and stopping them can cause extinction of these pure breeds. These pure breeds give us pure A2 milk. The link is very simple and small.

Issues that are going to stay when you continue turning a blind eye and keep buying A1 milk ( every brand of milk you get in your maliga kadai or supermarkets now)

  • steady deterioration of health from the effects of A1 milk.
  • loss of some of the best native breeds this country has ever had. ( save tigers! who saves the bulls?)
  • remember how we are slaves to foreign countries who sell our own seeds back to us? Milk mafia will soon be our future.

Before you support the ban of archaic sports like Jallikattu at least google why. There is a huge disconnect between the rural and urban population. Listen to their piece. They have more to teach you than google ever could on how, if you ban Jallikattu you will kill all native breeds which in turn will result in scare amount of a2 milk and importing foreign breeds will happen which brings in the A1 milk.

GO ORGANIC. Organic is just a fancy word for pure A2 milk that is now sold in organic shops or is home delivered by one of the producers. The awareness on organic milk has been higher for the past couple of years due to high rates of diseases linked to A1 milk has gone up.