Angular is a powerful responsive framework for building mobile and desktop web applications. It is a very useful skill indeed, if you are planning to transition from a backend developer to a full stack developer.
Pre-requisites : Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MVC Framework & the Document Object Model (DOM). Knowledge of TypeScript will be a plus.

Angular is a framework for building single-page client applications. We use the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) to create projects, generate application and library code, and perform a variety of ongoing development tasks such as testing, bundling, and deployment. Angular applications depend…

In this tutorial, we discuss the basic concepts of OpenAM (ver 13.5), ForgeRock’s access management solution. Then we proceed with the installation procedure of OpenAM. Finally we have the opportunity to get our hands dirty and get familiar with OpenAM, by using the OpenAM Java Agent in combination with OpenAM to secure a web application.

Software Used : AM 6.5, Apache Tomcat 8.5.57, JDK 11, AM Tomcat Java Agent 5.6.3

Vishakh Oommen Koshy

Developer 👨🏻‍💻 Writer 📝 Wanderer 👣🌏 | ♥️ Cars 🚘 Nature 🌳 Gardening 🌿& Cats 🐈 | Tech💡 WebApp, Security, Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate, NoSQL, AWS, Cloud

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