Maintaining Your Pet’s Oral Health

Maintaining Your Pet’s Oral Health

Periodontal disease is extremely common in pet dogs. According to statistics, every four of five dogs who are above the age of three suffer from some sort of periodontal disease. This is primarily caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar.If left unattended, this can lead to a loss of teeth, pain and even result in eroded gums. You need to get your pet used to dental care at a young age so that they do not protest later on. Below are a few ways by which you can keep your pet’s teeth clean.

Water Additives: A simple Dog Dental Solution, you simply have to add these water additives (in the specified amount)to your pet’s water bowl. As your pet drinks the water through the day, the additive works its magic. Make sure that you check the ingredients and get them approved by your vet before you buy them. Because this is something that your pet ingests, you need to be extra careful.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste for Dogs: The conventional method of teeth cleaning is using a toothbrush and paste. Human paste and brushes will not be effective (and the paste may even be harmful for your pet) so be sure to buy a dog toothbrush and paste from amongst the Dog Dental Products Online. Speak to a vet or groomer on a technique that will be effective for your pet’s teeth.

Teeth Wipes: Dental Dog Accessories include teeth wipes that you can use to wipe away plaque and tartar build up. You just need to wrap a clean, fresh wipe around your finger and wipe your pet’s teeth all the way to the back. These are easily available in sealed and hygienic boxes amongst the Dog Products Online In India. Being disposable, they are convenient as well. Be sure to get your pet used to this when he or she is young.

Toys that aid Dental Care: Chew toys like the Yak chews, Denta sticks and even some rope toys help to prevent plaque and tartar build up. As your pet chews on these, they break down the plaque build-up. While these will not replace a regular oral care routine, they will be helpful in aiding oral hygiene.

Symptoms of Gum disease

Unfortunately,gum disease develops very silently. There are almost no symptoms when it begins and once you start noticing one or more of the below, it means that the disease has already advanced. Dogs tend to hide any pain they are feeling, as it is instinctive for them to hide any weakness. This is why you need to keep a very close eye on your pet to identify any problems.

· If your dog is having trouble picking up food that they ordinarily have no problems with or if they are chewing with only one side of their mouth that may mean that they are experiencing some pain.

· If this is the case, they may also avoid any contact with their head (including petting).

· If you notice bleeding gums, blood in their water bowl or on their chew toys, bumps in the mouth or saliva with blood (sometimes saliva hangs down as ropes).

· Bad breath is one of the main indications of bad oral hygiene.

· Very advanced gum disease in the upper jaw can even lead to the destruction of the bone between the oral and nasal cavity. This can cause a lot of nasal discharge and sneezing.

Products that maintain your dog’s dental hygiene are easily available at your Online Dog Store. Speak to a vet on the best dental products to add to your Online Shopping for Dogs list and schedule regular visits to keep a close check on their oral health.

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