Things to Remember while Choosing Cat Litter

Cat Litter

Things to Remember while Choosing Cat Litter

Felines have their own preferences when it comes to CatLitter. These preferences may be a result of habits that have set when they were younger, as a result of their litter box training or due to issues like sensitive paws.Luckily, a variety of cat litter will be easily available at your usual Online Pet Store.

Keep an eye on which type of litter your pet prefers and which ones they do not like going near. Below are some common litter variants of available Cat Litter Online:

Clumping or Non-Clumping?

Clumping litter generally contain bentonite. This litter quickly clumps together when any liquid is added. This means that when your cat pees in his or her litter box, the litter clumps together before it can seep through to the bottom. During your daily clean of the litterbox, you just need to scoop out the clumps. On the other hand, non-clumping litter generally covers up the odour lightly but the pee only gets clean when you change all the litter and wash out the box. While clumping litter may be a little more expensive, you will need to use less of it because you can just scoop out the soiled bits and leave much of the base layer intact. If your kitten tends to eat litter (some do) then you should definitely not use clumping litter until your feline has grown out of the habit.

Scented/ Un-scented/ Odour Control

Many pet parents prefer to choose scented cat litter to mask the scent of their pet’s litter. But several felines dislike this perfumed litter and may reject the litterbox altogether if you make a sudden change. If you want to try to replace your usual litter with a scented option, try to introduce it gradually. Mix a scoopful of it in with the usual litter and increase the quantities gradually. This may help your pet adjust to it. Another option is odour control litter, which absorbs the odour instead of trying to cover it up.

Compostable Litter

If you are particular about being environmentally friendly, there are those types of litter that are compostable. These can be composted in your garden to become fertiliser, thus they have a low impact on the environment. These are plant-based litter, there are also those that are made from paper mache.Recycled paper litter are available as pellets and as granules. This type of litter is dust free and absorbent. It should also be remembered that paper pellets don’t clump but paper granules do. Shop for paper-based varieties of Cat Litter Online in India.

Silica Gel Crystal Litter

Litter that contains silica gel crystals is very absorbent, these last much longer and also controls unpleasant odours very well. At the same time, these crystals could stick to your cat’s paws (which they do not like) and can be dangerous when ingested.

Litter Texture and Allergies

Besides the smell, cats also judge litter based on the texture. Those with sensitive paws and those who have been de-clawed prefer soft, fine grain litter. Some cats can also have allergies to the litter. If you suspect this, speak to your vet on how to identify allergens for your cat and change the type of litter you use.

Every cat parent knows that if their cat is not happy with the litter box, they will turn to using their favourite carpet instead. At the end of the day, whether it is your favourite kind of litter does not matter, if your pet does not like it, he or she will not use it. Cat litter is a common product that can be found amongst available Cat products Online. It is also extremely important to remember that cats are clean creatures who do not like a mess in their litter box. This is a common reason for cats not using their litter box, so you should make the time to keep it clean. Investing in litter box-related Cat Accessories will also prove to be useful.

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