The Good News

How does reading/watching news make you feel these days? It makes me feel cynical. I can almost hear the person reading this silently agreeing with me. The amount of negativity is enough to make you feel as if everything in this world is wrong. But despite everything what is wrong with this world, there is also a lot of good out there, the good that doesn’t get written about very often, because good doesn’t get TRPs? Or media just wants us to be more cynical? I am not saying all those awful things that happen shouldn’t be written about. Of course they should be. But they shouldn’t be hyped and sensationalised. I am pretty sure my generation and generation before it recall the one-hour DD news show that was much more sensible than some news programs today. But had we stuck to it, would a case like that of Jessica Lal ever get justice? Credit where due, this 24*7 media has been instrumental in getting such cases to the front and ensuring enough public and media pressure to get justice. But we will continue this paradoxical debate some other day, that wasn’t the point of writing this post. The whole point of writing this post is :- let’s focus on people who are doing something good. I will give you a list of people that you should Google, actually you don’t Google, just click on the links I post. I promise you will be inspired enough. AFTER THAT YOU WILL SURELY WANT TO GOOGLE AND KNOW MORE

Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepalli

Dr. Sailakshmi is reducing the child mortality rate among the poorest of poor by increasing their access to quality healthcare. The motto of her EKAM foundation is ‘Every child has the right to live and no child should be denied of healthcare facilities simply due to lack of financial resources’. Her work towards developing rural India was recognized and she was awarded Narishakthi purashkar award from the President of India.

I have picked up the points enlisted below straight from their website, a short summary of work that Ekam has done and the impact of their work

· Ekam has facilitated medical treatment for more than 8448 children and has screened over 3,50,000 children for various health problems

· Ekam has built up a longstanding public-private partnership with 2500 public health stakeholders, network of 150 pediatricians, 3000+ nurses & partnerships with 51 hospitals.

· Widespread coverage across all 32 districts of Tamil Nadu reaching the most remote and poor villages where every district in Tamil Nadu has been ensured access to institutionalized and integrated neo-natal care.

· Lower Neonatal Mortality Rates in wards where Ekam SNCU and NCD staff are stationed.

· 3,50,000 children have been screened for illnesses through pediatric camps held at 1340 Integrated Child Development Scheme centers

· Equipment uptime increased from 16% to 96% through Ekam’s efforts of equipment maintenance in 64 Sick New-born Care Units across Tamil Nadu.

· Expertise and knowledge building of government support & insurance schemes such as CM Insurance — 80,000 children accessed earmarked funds of the public health care system.

· 2969 Community Trainings (attended by1,48,450 citizens) for preventive health, govt. schemes, life skills.

· 502 cleaning activities conducted across 1300 hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

· Ekam’ expert medical committee consists of well-known pediatricians in the state of Tamil Nadu

Gloria Benny

Gloria co-founded Make A Difference. We all know that Make A Difference is the largest volunteer network in India. MAD today has a base in 23 cities. Gloria’s aim is to inspire people to spare at least one hour a week to volunteer.

Here is a link to her TEDx talk

And here is a little more to read on Gloria and the great work that she is doing

Also read this amazing piece about 10 women entrepreneurs in India

Tara Thaigarajan

I first read about this super inspiring lady in India Today’s Woman Magazine. She is a BA in mathematics, MBA from Kellogg Business School and PhD in neuroscience from Stanford University. But that is not what makes her special, what makes her special is the work that she is doing at Madura Microfinance. Madura Microfinance has helped over 500,000 people across 2000 villages in Tamil Nadu.

To read more about Tara and her organization, click on the links below

These are just three names, with slight introductions, there are many more,

Anshu Gupta

Salman Khan (of Khan Academy)

Piya Sorcar

LINK for 30 under 30, disruptors, social entrepreneurs around the world: —

I am not saying only people in social sector do good work, there might be corporate/investment bankers, consultants, marketing mavens out there who are giving their 100 % at what they do, making world a better place one assignment, one product at a time. Helping create value in some way or the other. Google them, write about them.

Here is the list of websites, that you must visit more often, dose of optimism for the day