Life is a like an Twitter,here you cannot control what people say and think..all you can do is follow and unfollow. Follow the ones who support you , encourage you,show you the difference between right and wrong,the ones who be by your side in your bad times And unfollow the people who criticise you,demotivate you, the ones who make you feel you are not worth it.

You have two choices:
 1) become a warrior
 2) become a coward
 If you listin to the world, and start crying on all your problems, loose hope in life, and decided it's all fate and not even try to improve your life , you choose to become a Coward
Where as if you decide "Enough of crying! ,it's time to get up and fight back!"
 You show everyone who said you cannot do it ...that you DID IT! You prove them that you don't need anyone's opinion to know your own abilities! Show them you are a warrior and not a coward! 
Be a warrior than a Coward! Problems just add spice in ur life...the amount of spice you want to intake is always in your hand

- vish💞😊

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