The girl you knew is gone..

She was sensitive, loving ,caring, shy, crazy when she met you.

She loved you more than anyone,anything. You gave her a reason to smile, when she did not have one. She had a good time with you no doubt.

But one fine day, everything goes wrong.

You leave her, you break her. You break her into millions of pieces.

In the beginning, she fights, fights alot, not with the world but with herself. She struggles to get all her broken pieces back together,she tries to stick them back to one, but she fails.

But she does not loose hope. She tries, tries even harder to forget the past, and move on.But she does not stop loving you, she still cares for you, she still wishes for your good.

She just moves on, she does on cry or crib for you anymore.

She learnt to start her day without your “good morning baby” . She learnt to wipe her tears by her own.

She no longer needs anyone’s hand to hold.

She no longer needs anyone to tell her how pretty she is or how much people love her, because now she has learnt to love herself before anyone else.

Thank you for breaking her.
The girl you knew is gone…a new her is Born.
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