Why “no”

"NO" is such a meaningful short term. When you disagree something you say NO, when you do not want to give your permission ,you say NO.
Everybody's NO should be respected. But in this world, in many places "NO" from Females are not accepted and respected.
A women has so many roles to play in her life. She is a daughter, a sister,a friend, a wife, a mother and so on! With all these roles she has equal number of responsibility. She has equal number of sacrifices to make just to fulfill her responsibility, make the people around her,the society happy.
But sometimes it becomes unbearable for her to break herself and keep herself happy, that's when she retaliates and says "NO".
But this world is so used to keep a women under their shoe and when the see a women trying to come up , they try harder to to suppress her .

A woman's no is not acceptable even during her own marriage,people do not understand that it is her who has to live her life with that person , so she has full right to choose her life partner. But our society is so male dominate ,that when a girl says "NO" for marriage the society starts making their own theory behind the "no". These theory results in breaking not only the girls self esteem but also her parents name and respect in the society is questioned. All this adds so much pressure on her that she agrees to all the wrong happening in her life. There are so many people who teach their daughters

"you are a girl ,learn to adjust"

My question is " why do girls always adjust?" . No matter what the relation is, may it be a brother- sister relation, may it be a husband -wife relation always a girl only has to adjust. In every relation , effort is to be put by both , then why only one has to adjust?

In this modern world even Females should have equal right to everything. May it be in saying "NO" to things she is not comfortable with , may it be in adjusting in a relationship.

Remember-" your existence is also because of a woman"


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