To the vultures circling London’s tech scene post-Brexit
Neil S W Murray

Neil, is it even appropriate to tag others as vultures in first place? This, when the whole EU was offended throughout Brexit campaign? What if the same thing would have happened with some other nation, wouldn’t have been a similar scene in that case as well? All other markets would have offered themselves as solutions for ventures over there… and you can always find folks from Silicon valley blowing their trumpet all over the world all the time suggesting people to “Move to Silicon Valley” if they want their startups to succeed big time.. Not bad at all.. Entrepreneurs aren’t ever conservative intolerant protectionists!! They’re open to suggestions and goodness no matter from which direction in comes..

You know what.. whenever there’s a problem, solutions start rushing towards it in order to address the same.. Thank God this is 2016, not 1920.. Just imagine the opposite… What if other EU nations would have created a wall for UK startups and entrepreneurs in response to the Brexit call from the masses in UK? How would you have felt tell me? Thank God there’s openness and not-so-conservative thinking in the present world backed by mix of caplitalistic and socialistic attitudes.

The most saddening step has been the people of UK choosing to part from EU… this at the time when countries like US, Canada, India and several others have been trying their bests to get similar deals for themselves to cater to EU, and thus evolve EU as far more bigger market.. to simplify things for all businesses big and small, and for people and make their lives better… Biggest question… How come!??

Even if many other nations might think this is an opportunity for them.. but I really don’t think UK will loose this brexit game as most are anticipating… Let some time pass through.. Wait for the next move…

I think UK can come out all this through a massive tax cut and incentives for global tech startups and global ventures, to pull them back in.. this maybe through SEZs + participation exemptions such as the ones that exist in Ireland.. Its all the game of policies and intents.. Tell me if I’m wrong.

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