You can look at money in 3 ways..

A global accounting system — to settle value of transactions between people.

A behavior control or gamification — to make people get out of bed and do things.

A way to channelize resources efficiently — balance scarcity with demand.

However it is a tool that really belongs to the stone age.. why?

It fails at global accounting — as it operates in silos and remains two dimensional that requires manual reconciliations, transaction reporting & taxation.

It fails in behavior control or gamification — as it does not differentiate between good or illegal behavior. It creates perverse incentives and does not prevent money laundering.

It fails…

how does it create Grey Zone to prevent Covid-19?

A simple new study shows the Virus spread much slower in tropical malaria countries with a few exceptions.

  • Top 40 Malaria countries: — 212.24 malaria/1000 = 0.2 C19 cases per million
  • Next 40 Malaria countries: — 7.30 malaria/1000 = 10.1 C19 cases per million
  • 154 No-Malaria countries: — ZERO malaria/1000 = 68.7 C19 cases per million

This is based upon the total number of COVID-19 cases as of March 17, 2020 as tallied by the WHO.

The spread in these countries could be lower because of following factors

  1. Humidity
  2. Temperature
  3. Very low central air-conditioning
  4. Immunity due to anti-malaria drugs (ignoring…

20 million Americans will need ICU in next 40 days and possibility of 300m global deaths this year.

The current models suggest that the c19 virus doubles every 3 days. At the current stats it would consume the majority of population within 45 days.

For example in United States lets say of the infected 200 million, 10% will need critical care i.e. 20 million in next 45 days, while beds and doctors available for only 300k. That is 98.5% short.


False hope —

Flattening the curve diagrams typically show health care capacity at 50%

but actually it is only 2% (of what is needed by the 10% critical patients at peak). Even doubling the capacity by military is not helpful.


The “Unsolved” problem of Fin-tech finally may have a breakthrough

I=mC³ may sound funny and yet its weird and super true. As you will see that it is the fastest, easiest and the only solution for creating real trust worthy online identity network that works globally.

What is Online Identity?

Any online account that is

  1. Physically bound to a real person,
  2. Legal - having the correct name and date of birth referenced with an institutional and credible database.
  3. Verifiable, audit-able and bankable.
  4. Having actual control and no impersonation.

All existing technology can be easily be beaten by simple Photoshop to create false identities or impersonate someone.

Online Identity or eKYC is just like emperor’s clothes.

Identity is absolutely critical for accountability. Be it financial transactions, news, shared marketplaces or even cyber security. …

Sunrise project for crypto

Whats the real reason why crypto is facing so much slack?

If you slightly do your research you will find — It is difficult to have a bank account if you trade in crypto due to money laundering concerns. If you are an exchange then you know how difficult it is to get a bank account. Binance had to switch countries and setup research lab in Malta to figure out compliance.

Central banks in some countries had to even ban the market entirely.

So why the hell we need anti-money laundering regulations?

Let me explain with a “stolen car” example.

Let’s say you bought a car for $10k from…

Strong network effects that monopolise humanity are one of the biggest threats of technology. It started with the physics waking up to the nuclear bomb. Chemistry waking up to the chemical weapons and the biology with it’s bio weapons and gene editing.

Tech just had it’s first encounter with abuse of central power

The world’s largest democracy getting hacked has spooked everyone and blockchain might seem like a default answer. But with more power comes even greater responsibility. The world is still considering the money laundering implications of crypto currencies. All the world leaders have spent considerable effort in the last few decades to cut off funding for terror, drugs, bribes…

Budget announcement: Crypto-currencies are not legal tender in India.

“The government does not consider cryptocurrencies as legal tender or coin and will take all measures to eliminate use of these crypto-assets in financing illegitimate activities, or as part of the payment system,” Jaitley said.

By declaring that tokens are not legal tender, India basically said you can’t use these tokens to settle debt of others as a compulsion. Basically it is not a currency. That’s a Master stroke from the budget for the block chain world as it then eliminates a lot of regulations that could have applied to crypto.

Markets never lie and all deep-tech startups will have to adjust course or risk getting sidelined.

We live in a a world driven by tech where our reality is shaped by our networks. Be it money, transportation, people, knowledge or shared views about things. Technology is exponentially integrating every human and every aspect of what we do. I like how Naval Ravikant puts it — money (along with religion, corporations, roads and electricity) are all different kinds of networks, in the sense that the more people join one, the more valuable it becomes to all participants. …

The world order is changing really really fast.

The biggest question that is facing everyone is will the bubble last? and should I get in or not ? A huge FOMO or its even easier to dismiss it like a Tulip Mania or the DOT COM bubble or even a housing bubble. So let me break it down for my friends and family atleast, so that they can make better informed decisions.

First — Does it solve any real problem for the world?

Radical transparency — Bitcoin offers a radically transparent world where every transaction can be reported, tracked and evidenced including governments, charities and public cooperations. …

The universe has been here for 14 billion years with about 10²⁴ stars. It’s a number humans can not comprehend because we never deal in such large numbers. So an easy way to understand it is to divide it by the number of humans we have on this planet. So, even that number is about 30 trillion stars per person on this planet. What that means is if we want to explore the universe in the future we would only have 1 person per 30 trillion stars to scan it or represent humanity as an ambassador. On the contrary, it…

Vishal Gupta

Founder & CEO— Diro Labs

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