Stages of Sleep and Sleep Cycles Explained

What Are Different Sleep Stages?

Stage 1 of Sleep

Stage 2 of Sleep

Stage 3 of Sleep

Stage 4 of Sleep

Stage 5 of Sleep or REM Stage

What Factors Affect Sleep Stages and Sleep Cycles?

· Age of the Person

· Circadian Rhythm

· Previous Wakefulness Period

· Ambient or Environmental Factors

· Stress and Medications

How To Improve Sleep Quality?

· Create A Sleep Cocoon

· Choose Right Kind of Mattress

· Avoid Screen Time Before Bed

· Cut Down Caffeine, Alcohol, and Tobacco Consumption

· Block Ambient Disturbance

· Improve Sleep Hygiene



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Vishal Ingole

Vishal Ingole


Sleepsherpa : Authentic reviews of sleep products and sleep technology including mattresses, sheets, sleep trackers, pillows and more.