pic credit: TechNewsToday.com

You had me at “Twitter”

I do not know much about Square so sticking to Twitter for this one…

I have always been wondering for the past few years that how truly disruptive and original “TWITTER” really is! It is the most disruptive single innovation of the past few years which we all have access to …

I am not sure we realise how various aspects of our lives have been completely disrupted by Twitter and how much good it has already done! I am listing a few:

News, Customer Service, Politics, Diplomacy, Emergency Response, business…

It does so much good! It has already saved so many lives and this powerful medium gives VOICE to Everyone, the little guy and the big guy! Its one of the greatest equaliser of our times!

What made me write this is “Integrity” shown by Jack Dorsey. The only startup hero who did not go sucking up to a bully, a maniac but stayed firm. That takes Character and strength of different kind! One has to note that all the CEOs lashing out now against Official Team Trump nicely waited till it actually started hurting their employees or business! All the Do no Evils of the world we all know how they deal when it comes to business but Mr Dorsey is the single person who stands out

I have always been a fan of Twitter and what it enables every small second for millions of people all over the world but now I am in awe with their leadership!

I wish my very best to the Team Twitter!