How to persuasive people using some words in communication?

  1. Use of word “But/However” in sentence make difference.
    Use of word “But” in sentence will make or break your communication. Lets see below example.
    “He is very understandable person but/however I can’t converse with him.”
    First line “He is very understandable person” line make positive towards him. When uses “But” word changed the Positive to Negative thought as we thinking what he lacking.
    “He is not working effectively but he is trying.” In this sentence , “He is not working effectively” sentence make negative image. When uses “But” word changed the image Negative to Positive as “he is trying”.
    A fact of communication is whenever you used the “But/however” word in sentence, line before of “But” giving the less importance & line after “But” word giving more importance.
    In interview, if you say “I can do it but I didn’t worked on same” this sentence create negative image.
    if you say “ I didn’t worked on same but I can do it” this sentence create positive image and change the thought of interviewer.
  2. Use people’s “Name” whenever you communicated.
    Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
    Our Name is one of the identity in the world so everyone like it.
    Whenever we will use the Name of people’s in start of communication, It’s look like we are giving the importance, respect to them.
    They use people’s names more — others will be more likely to help you.
  3. Use of word “Now” in your communication.
    We attached with the things happening now and not future.
    If you want to convert your words into other people action use the word “now”. Let’s see example When you received the call from wife “Where are you? Please come home” so you will reply “Yehhh… coming” as just normal reply but “Where are you? Come home now” then you will reply “Yes, i am coming in minute” so Now word forced us to thinking what happened to her? any serious?.
    The power word in this case is “Now” which works double duty by providing a sense of urgency.



The Psychology of Persuasion

Written by: Robert B. Cialdini



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