Maybe-Random Thoughts

Sitting in a restaurant waiting for my Lunch cum Dinner, had to skip lunch due to work.

#Random Thoughts

I have few team members now including me. I hope something good will happen for Kalsa.

Biggest problem is that nobody is focussed/have time. Everyone is busy with their jobs, though they do try to give time whenever they can.

Even i am having problem to focus. My full time job, other job kalsa, other ideas. Trying to do so many things together. What else can you expect, an average outcome eveywhere.

Really confused when it comes to going along with an idea. Why do i still keep thinking of other ideas why i just can’t focus on Kalsa.

Need to start doing something. Planing to quit my job soon. On the other end. I have a family of three to feed.

Not sure if its the right decision.

I always feel i can do it, make a difference, there is no reason to not able to make it. I can but then why cannot i leave my job i dont know. Maybe i am a coward. May be still my fear is bigger than my passion. May be the time has not come yet. Maybe maybe maybe.

Anyways Food is here, time to focus on that.

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