Embrace The Opposites

Doing A to avoid B, is not a good enough reason to do A.

Because one moment you might realise that maybe B wasn’t so bad, and you shouldn’t be avoiding it. Suddenly, you drop A.

In principle, this sounds simple enough. But it is a lot more complex.

Life is a series of opposites that are always at play with each other. And we often assume that these opposites are binary.

Happiness. Unhappiness. 
Success. Failure. 
Good. Bad.

Binaries trick us into believing that if I avoid one, I get the other. Avoiding unhappiness, gives us happiness. And so forth.

But the fact is that they are not binary. In fact it is a spectrum, that lies between these poles. And avoiding one pole, does not lead us to the other.

In fact it puts is in a zone of mediocrity. Which is worse.

Avoiding unhappiness, doesn’t get us happiness. It gets us somewhat satisfied. Not truly happy, but not truly sad either.

But embracing true unhappiness, actually presents a window into true happiness.

Hitting rock bottom, reminds us that it can’t get worse.

Experiencing death, makes us value life.

So don’t do something, just to avoid something else. Or because it leads to something else.

Do something because that is what you want to do.

All other reasons which manifest as either untruths, or external motivators — will not last.

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