We’re all busy, stuck somewhere between doing hectic tasks in our life and finding ways to be happy. So when we get free time, we want it to matter.

Your leisure time is something you can use the way you want. So when you have it, why not do things that put a smile on your face?

It doesn't matter whether it’s a break of 25 minutes you take while working, or a 2 month long vacation. You always wish to create memories and use that time productively.

Here are 7 things you can do in your leisure time to be happier.

1. Read

There are hundreds of classics and a lot of stories awaiting to be shared.

Head to the bookstore and come back with a pile of books, or just download numerous PDFs and start reading them.

What can be more fun than reading to learn and make yourself smarter?

2. Exercise

Got five minutes? Do twenty press-ups. Got a day off? Sweat for an hour.

Exercise is something most people say they don’t have time for. It’s like saying you don’t have time to do what makes you live longer.

Don’t make excuses. Move yourself.

Be consistent to feel an increased level of charisma and self-esteem.

3. Create something

Write a poem, paint, or compose a song for yourself.

Whatever you create, remains forever. Almost.

When you create, you put your own identity and love in it. Treasure your creations as they will remind you that there were some moments when you had lived for yourself.

4. Call you old friends

Life can separate you from your loved ones, but it’s up to you to stay away from them or connect again.

Call an old friend, or maybe call seven different friends for a week. Ask them how their life is, laugh at some old incidents. Happiness is sometimes nothing more than that.

5. Reflect on your life

Make a list of your dreams, write the goals you wish to accomplish and some tiny things to better your life.

While you’re too busy existing, take some time out to figure out what you really want and makes you happy.

The life you have already lived can teach you some beautiful ways to create a bright future for yourself.

6. Learn something

If your problem is that you do not have enough time to learn what you want to, there’s no better opportunity to get your hands dirty doing those things in your free time.

Learn Spanish, code, cook a different cuisine or grab you favourite musical instrument and start playing it.

You aren't meant die with unfulfilled dreams and hidden wishes.

7. Do simple things

Gaze at the stars, play with your nephew and niece, cry to a movie with your loved ones, go on a bike ride, and click some crazy photos of yourself with your family.

Sometimes, small things are the only ones which matter in life.

While you are busy creating plans, don’t be blind to appreciate and adore what you already have. This will help you be more satisfied with your life.

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