Little Things You Can Do to Be Happy [Checklist]

Is there a way to be happy forever? There is.

You can be happy forever by cherishing the little things in life.

So I created ‘Little.

An e-book to share the things all of us can do each day, or often, to be happy. You can get the PDF for free (no email required).

Remember that you always have enough reasons to smile and to be grateful.

If you can stay happy because of the little reasons which occur each day, then you can stay happy forever.

Here are all the ideas from ‘Little’

1. Go for a walk.

2. Take a bike ride or long drive.

3. Visit a beach or lake near you.

4. Admire the sunrise and sunset.

5. Gaze at the stars.

6. Breathe in the calm air of evenings.

7. Eat your favorite delicacy.

8. Cook something you’ve never cooked.

9. Laugh at silly jokes.

10. Capture crazy pictures and videos.

11. Drink a fruit smoothie or beverage that delights you.

12. Exercise.

13. Dress perfectly.

14. Take a shower.

15. Call an old friend.

16. Dance carelessly

17. Sing your heart out.

18. Talk.

19. Pray or visit a place of worship.

20. Recall some random memories.

21. Browse some old photos.

22. Listen to your favorite song.

23. Write a poem.

24. Paint something.

25. Play an instrument.

26. Play a video game.

27. Fulfill someone’s wish through gifting.

28. Read a book you’ve wanted to.

29. Attend a book fair, concert, or seminar.

30. Care selflessly.

31. Appreciate the good.

32. Let people be themselves.

33. Inspire others.

34. Accept your flaws.

35. Do what you see as a success.

36. Take pride in your work and be great.

37. Ignore the world and do the right thing.

38. Teach what you know.

39. Tip or donate to some charity.

40. Giveaway your old books or clothes.

41. Plant a sapling.

42. Visit a garden.

43. Go hiking

44. Go birdwatching.

45. Travel someplace you haven’t been before.

46. Watch a movie with your family.

47. Eat outside.

48. Cuddle and play with your pet.

49. Play with kids.

50. Take a nap.

51. Switch off your phone.

52. Say what you mean.

53. Start a blog to share more.

54. Send a ‘thank you’ note to someone.

55. Stay away from hurtful people.

56. Preserve you identity.

57. Save some money you have.

58. Spend on something you love.

59. Write down some goals for future.

60. Meditate, introspect, and reflect on your life.

61. Make a list of little things you wish to do.

62. Finally, dream. It makes the world look beautiful.

And a quick question

What makes you happy? Speak your heart out in the comments so that this list keeps snowballing.

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