The Best Way to Make Life Easier

Life is hard sometimes. Far more complicated than we think.

It’s rumpled and tangled; beyond imagination.

The plans you make turn out to be laughable when a catastrophe strikes you. A disheartening event is enough to snatch a smile off your face. A loss can make you hopeless.

If you’re a delicate person, a simple thing as words might break you.

When you watch some truths reveal themselves to you each day, life seems like an odd tale no one told you about.

Often, it is a bitter truth. A pathetic joke. Not as soft as you thought it would be.

Or maybe you knew that life isn’t fair but you weren’t prepared to face this truth either.

What others think

I asked my acquaintances to define life in just one word. Here’s how they did it. (I loved hearing the answers from all these creative people. Thanks for helping me out guys, you’re awesome!)

Life is ___.

  • Adventure — Amogh Chivate
  • Amazing — Meghna Wankhede
  • AWESOME — Kenny Vandenberg
  • Beautiful — Harshita Chaudhary
  • Bitch — Manisha Rajotiya
  • Blessing — Lalit Mistry
  • Canvas — Priti Kulkarni
  • Commitment — Sadhana Gaikwad
  • Complicated — Utsah Ostwal
  • Dream — Rushikesh Vaidya
  • Enchanting — Mayur Deshmukh
  • Fabulous — Harikesh Shinde
  • Good — Manisha Gaikwad
  • Journey — Sayalee Raut
  • Mystery — Ravina Suthar

It’s wonderful to see how we all look at life so differently, isn’t it?

However, I learned one simple thing about life while reading all these answers — how we look at life depends on how life happens to us.

Your thoughts about life keep changing. When something great happens to you, you feel blessed to be alive. And when something goes wrong, you see life as a miserable thing. You views about life change as life changes.

This is what makes life tough

Everything that happens to you changes the way you see life.

As you grow up and find you own ways to deal with difficulties, you begin to see life through your own perspective. The perspective which acts much like a glass only you can see through.

All the events shape you and show you the truths. As you grow up, you find your own ways of living.

However, no matter how you live your life, you’re not much different from others.

You become insecure when you realize that you cannot control everything. Losing teaches you how vulnerable you are.

You notice your fragility when something happens against your will, and your limitations expose your weaknesses.

These are some undeniable truths about life. Learning these truths is what makes life look hard.

Life is meant to be hard

I don’t like to say this either, but yes, life is hard.

Sometimes you’re broke and can’t go on. It becomes hard to hold on to dreams amid a place where hope only decays with each passing day and circumstances force you to quit.

No matter how hard to try to make things happen your own way, there comes a time when you have to realize that you’re not strong enough to control everything.

Sometimes, all you can do is quit and let go.

Though, don’t think that you’re a loser or victim when you’re fighting against the odds.

It’s nothing more than accepting life. With all its flaws and challenges. As it is.

You can only feel joy when you deserve what you get earn your goals with your hard work.

The dreams you wish to pursue come to you only after you’ve made several sacrifices and surrendered yourself completely to them. Pains are always an inseparable part of life.

No matter what your thoughts about an ideal life might be, a part of life always remains irreparable.

Money can’t always bring happiness. Having everything you need doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Lack of chaos cannot guarantee that you’ll work hard.

Turn around life, change it, fix it — yet it remains as it is.

Maybe you shouldn’t change life. Just adapt yourself to change with it and accept everything that comes on your way.

The best way to make life easier

There’s a way to fix life and ease it forever. To cast away all the confusions, forget all the sorrows and put an end to all the sufferings.

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